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First Time Home Buyer Class

The Housing Council believes that home buyers, facing the largest single investment they will likely ever make, should have access to as much information and technical assistance as possible. 


The Housing Council provides training to educate prospective home buyers on key elements of the home purchase process, including: household economics and budgeting, the wise use of credit, working with real estate agents, evaluating mortgage products, home inspections, and household maintenance and upkeep.

The education classes are open to ALL homebuyers;



Times: 9 am to 12 pm via ZOOM and always on a Friday

  • All classes will require prior registration with an active email. A link will be sent the week of the class to the email(s) on registration.  Registration must be received no later than 5 business days prior to the scheduled class

  • Fee: $80 per person and must be received with registration, or no link will be sent. Also, only listed participants who have paid will receive a completion certificate. This fee is non-refundable


The ZOOM classes are required for any participant interested in applying for active homebuyer grants.

If your mortgagor requires an education class and you are NOT interested in available first-time homebuyer grants, this course is offered online and can be accessed through our web page. Different fees apply. 


All class materials will need to be picked up from our office the week of class. Additional housing council staff will not be available during class times.

Our FaceBook page will be updated with any new grants as they become available.

Additionally, our web page will also have updated  information on any housing needs and grants

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